Asosasyon sang mga Balo ni San Columbano

Widows and Widowers of Saint Columban

Last November 23, we celebrated the 1,400 death anniversary of Saint Columban and here in the Philippine Church we celebrated 2015 as the “Year of the Poor”.

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To mark these two occasions and to give more substance to them, I decided to organize the widows and widowers around San Columbano Retreat House, our former Columban Central house in Negros. This had been in my mind for some time.

We are calling this organization, in the language of the island (Illongo), “Asosasyon sang mga Balo ni San Columbano” or in English “Association of the Widows and Widowers of Saint Columban”. In Illongo the word for widow and widower is the same – Balo.

You can make a difference

You can help the Negros Nine in so many ways

  1. On Anti-Human Trafficking – report any suspicious activities that may lead to human trafficking. Call or text 09228939613 or 09092293497. All calls are confidential.
  2. On Negros Nine Feeding Program, you can do the following:
    1. You may donate cash, food or goods
    2. Share your talents on cooking and inspiring children, you will be amazed, you will be inspired, too.
  3. On reforestation:
    1. Do tree planting activities with your group
    2. Impart your talents or skills relating to protecting and caring for the environment. Be the speaker or manpower of the day at Negros Nine.
    3. Donate seeds and seedlings
  4. On Negros Nine Weavers – you can help by promoting the products or you can be a resource speaker or trainer on topics such as livelihood, agriculture, etc.
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