The 12 hectare farm has a good water supply from a natural spring in a small area of forest on the property. In order to protect this valuable resource forestal land surrounding the farm has been acquired by buying the rights of the “owners”. This land has been mostly cleared and is not suitable for cultivating. Hardwood indigenous varities, local to the area, are being planted to build the area into a mini forest of around 75 hectares. This will help prevent erosion, protect the water sources and bring back the native species of plants, birds and animals that have all but disappeared. The members of the coop are undergoing seminars on agro forestry and bio-diversity. They are also being encouraged to plant tees in their own farm lots, both for their personal use and for the environment.

The target for this year is to plant 3 to 4 hectares. This will be done by the members of the coop who have undergone training for this purpose. They will also be able to earn some money during the lean months and so help feed their families.

Money for the first part of this project has been given by the Irish Government as they move to meet the Millenium Development Goals set by the United Nations.

The Philippines is one of the worst in Asia in terms of forest degredation and is on a par with countries in sub-Saharan Africa! Unless their is a massive tree planting program, especially in the mountain areas, there will be no future for farming or for the environment in general.

You can make a difference

You can help the Negros Nine in so many ways

  1. On Anti-Human Trafficking – report any suspicious activities that may lead to human trafficking. Call or text 09228939613 or 09092293497. All calls are confidential.
  2. On Negros Nine Feeding Program, you can do the following:
    1. You may donate cash, food or goods
    2. Share your talents on cooking and inspiring children, you will be amazed, you will be inspired, too.
  3. On reforestation:
    1. Do tree planting activities with your group
    2. Impart your talents or skills relating to protecting and caring for the environment. Be the speaker or manpower of the day at Negros Nine.
    3. Donate seeds and seedlings
  4. On Negros Nine Weavers – you can help by promoting the products or you can be a resource speaker or trainer on topics such as livelihood, agriculture, etc.
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